The Path to Thankfulness, in Twelve Steps

Acción de Gracias

  1. Having a cell phone is not still having someone to call.
  2. Having a Facebook profile is not yet having a profile in life.
  3. Having many followers on Twitter does not mean you know where you’re going to yet.
  4. Having a lot of music around you does not mean you have reached yet harmony.
  5. Having lots of appliances still does not mean you know you’re more valuable than any of them.
  6. To have is not yet to be!
  7. The most precious thing you have is that you are, the most precious thing within you is being.
  8. And being is something you received. You did not make it. You did not purchased it.
  9. You started in being just receiving.
  10. Learning to receive is learning to be.
  11. Learning to receive: Do not begin by demanding or complaining, but start from knowing, listening and appreciating.
  12. Let us say together therefore: Thanks, God the Father! Thank you very much!