mayo 19, 2011

New method confirms dark energy

“The results tell us that dark energy is a cosmological constant, as Einstein proposed. If gravity were the culprit, then we wouldn’t be seeing these constant effects of dark energy throughout time.” The latest findings have come from a galaxy survey project called WiggleZ, which began in 2006 and finished this year. WiggleZ used data from Nasa’s Galaxy Evolution Explorer (Galex) space telescope and the Anglo-Australian Telescope on Siding Spring… Leer más »New method confirms dark energy

The Colombian Alzheimers family testing possible cures

Dr Lopera first stumbled on the phenomenon in the early 1980s. “I saw a man of 47 with dementia that was very similar to Alzheimer’s disease. That was curious because he was very young.” Then Dr Lopera learned that the man’s father, grandfather and several brothers had also suffered from dementia. “I saw we had three generations affected, and in each generation half of the children were affected. This was… Leer más »The Colombian Alzheimers family testing possible cures