mayo 17, 2011

Tardigrades: Water bears in space

“Tardigrades can be found all over the world from the Arctic to the Antarctic, from high mountains to deserts, in urban areas and backyard gardens,” he explained. “In terrestrial environments, they always require at least a film of water surrounding their bodies to perform activities necessary for life.” But if these conditions change, tardigrades are capable of entering an extreme form of resting called cryptobiosis. In this state, they are… Leer más »Tardigrades: Water bears in space

Higgs boson result, false alarm

Reports that the Large Hadron Collider had detected the first possible signs of the elusive Higgs boson particle were “wrong”, experts have said. Last month, an internal memo outlining a possible signal from the Higgs picked up at the LHC was leaked on to the web. But cross-checks of the data collected by the Atlas experiment have since found no signal. The details were revealed during a talk by senior… Leer más »Higgs boson result, false alarm