Lenten Spiritual Retreat, 2 of 3, Your Body, your Language

Lenten Retreat in Lafayette, Louisiana, USA. Talk 2 of 3: Your body, your language.

* A notion, well-spread nowadays, on the relationship between mind and body regards the former as “software” running on “hardware” that would be the latter. This concept shares a common disregard of the human body as usable, replaceable and disposable. As a consequence, embryos are seen as legitimate sources of spare parts, and ageing is just a curse to be avoided by means of extreme technology.

* A biblical perspective brings to focal attention two facts: (1) As creatures, our value comes from the One who has created us, thus making us effectively expressions of his power, love and wisdom. While alive on this earth we are “unfinished sentences He is pronouncing.” (2) We are called, by the mystery of his redemptive love, to become dwelling of his Holy Spirit and temples of his glory.